Introduction to cumputer

Avoid illiteracy of tomorrow and try your hand in just 48 hours in computer tool !!! The project aims to educate you and train you to computers (Internet, word processing, spreadsheet: issue invoices, send messages by email, free phone calls via the Internet, paying via Netbanking, etc …) and you make life easy with computers. You will have the opportunity to acquire a computer at the end of training at competitive prices. Do not and you are a woman or a man happy!
The introduction of computer training – PMTIC (Map Mobilizer of Information and Communication Technologies) – includes three progressive modules with a total of 48 hours:
Module 1 (8): Awareness computers and to discover Internet
Module 2 (16h): Introduction to word processing and basic features of the operating system; deepening of Internet use
Module 3 (24): Extensive use of word processing and introduction to the handling of a spreadsheet.