Our goals

  • It’s to help to an easy insertion, a personal, societal and cultural growth for migrants, more specifically, newly arrived in the host country in order to facilitate their integration.
  • Support local initiatives for development through the training only to newcomers in the French language, literacy, integrating citizenship and basic computer
  • Support development initiatives for a better life for disadvantaged people through our technician training and office PC, to provide a tool to the job seekers
  • The advancement of immigrant women in the social, professional and cultural areas.
  • Fight against discrimination and poverty.
  • Helping people to have personal computer in order to familiarize themselves with the emergence of new technology. Because illiteracy in its broadest sense is not limited only to read and write, but also to manipulate the hardware of new computer technologies
  • Make campaigns crop of computer equipment from previous generations by promoting it to a new use.
  • Organize awareness activities for parents and children on the dangers of media to bring our level some solutions in our society.

The association

The Young School computer was founded in 2007. We started from the idea that the different experiences of each had created in us the feeling of taking our own responsibilities facing the world. This was an absolute necessity. Too many events in our society escape the most deprived persons or who can’t handle our language, and this slows their integration into our society today. This may be due to a lack of knowledge or misunderstanding. This ignorance and misunderstanding are unacceptable and constitute the very negation of human dignity.

That is why we want to live in solidarity, humility and respect for the other and that’s every day, with our relatives, our learners in training. We would like this solidarity is contagious and so encourage everyone to take actions. We do not want that solidarity is limited to isolated acts but rather that it be part of a firm and persevering determination to act for the development of others for a better future.

The route of some public faces many obstacles namely the valorization of their skills following the lack of knowledge or lack of mastery of the French language, new technologies of computing.

That is why we want to help our public through training, awareness campaigns, activities, social service through the acquisition of hardware and accompanying socio-professional integration. The insertion must be accompanied by social integration to avoid other unpleasant repercussions in the public areas. The goal is to promote the professional integration of all disadvantaged person wishing to follow a training at The Young Computer School.

As part of awareness, The Young Computer School vzw, has developed a project of Child Well Being Faced with Media, a media-related outreach project for children 8 to 13 years without any distinction in outside the traditional school setting. Through this awareness project, we also want to teach children a better use, a use intended, and more secure of media. This awareness is with the parents and children, because this project is preventive rather than prohibition.