List of computer problems


Lock of your computer
Lighting impossible of the PC
The Windows operating system will not boot
The PC restarts itself randomly
It is incredibly slow
Error messages are displayed at once
My USB are disabled
engraving error
Dalles LCD replacement, PC and Tablet
CD IN connector replacement
Welding a DC IN connector
USB connector replacement
keyboard repair – stuck keys or missing
Recovery of bad hard drive data
The sound disappeared
The mouse stops responding

The wireless mouse is no longer recognized
Virus Removal
Outlook and emails aren’t responsible
Error programs
NIC shows “Limited or no connection”
The screen will not boot
Blocking your mobile phone
tablet blocking
inverter replacement (black screen)
Repairing an IC on the motherboard
overheating computer
Replacing the motherboard
Computer made several beeps on startup, but no picture on the screen
Maintenance of your PC (dust removal, maintenance and optimization)
PC makes a lot more noise than usual
Change a power connector


Install and update the entire operating system (Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, …)
Install and update anti virus, anti SpywareProtection your sensitive data and managing both internal and external access
Placing Backup procedures
Detection and resolution of potential problems of system sources