The well-being of the child in relation to the media, abbreviated B.E.E.M is a plan established by the ASBL The Young Computer School who wishes to bring possible solutions to the problems of our society.
This project will awaken the responsibility of parents against the use of media by their children, to educate children about the possible dangers of the Internet, television, video games and other media; to make the child autonomous, criticism and especially able to navigate responsibly on the canvas without fear ….

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The technical service is set up to help disadvantaged people who don’t have enough money to repair their computers, but also committed to finance the operating costs, knowing that the association offers its training free to disadvantaged people .

Our technicians having the ability to adapt, our technical department can solve all your computer problems (hardware, software …).

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Digital Public Space

We set up a structure to our target audience through the obtaining than a collective access to the digital space. We foster an accompaniment to learning, job search (resume writing and cover letter, etc …).

The Association

The association, since its establishment, is oriented towards training and professional integration. Each year, our association provides training to various people of different nationalities. We like challenges “to provide assistance to disadvantaged people to place themselves and act in everyday life; support their socio-professional integration efforts; encourage them to be part of a civic and intercultural approach. We ensure that all these precarious individuals are autonomous and capable of defending itself in society, because the lack of knowledge or ignorance are unacceptable and constitute the very negation of respect for human dignity.
Our Motto

“There is more happiness to give than to receive”

Our vision

“Give a man a fish, you feed him a day. Teach him to fish, he will feed his family for a long time ”

 Our values

Autonomy – Openness – Humility – Solidarity – Perseverance – Patience – Respect