How much cost the training?

The courses are free under certain conditions:
– Be newly arrived
– Be job seeker
– Be recipient of the integration income

What are the eligibility requirements?

Anyone wishing to register for training is welcome.

What documents to bring for registration?

For newly arrived persons:
– A photocopy of the identity card
– A certificate proving that the person is in the order of identification and registration in the town or a document proving the regularization pending

For migrants and indigenous:

– A photocopy of the identity card
– A certificate as evidence that the person is a beneficiary of the integration income or a certificate of forem for inclusion in the register of job seekers

At the end of my training, what will I get?

At the end of the module, the trainee will receive a certificate of completion of training as well as a report card.
Regarding the training module “PC technician”, the student has the opportunity to perform a one-month internship in a company.