“THE WELL-BEING OF CHILDREN FACING THE MEDIA”, abbreviated B.E.E.M. is a plan drawn up by the association The Young Computer School, who wishes to bring possible solutions to the problems of our society.

This project will awaken the responsibility of parents against the use of media by their children, to educate children about the possible dangers of the Internet, television, video games and other media; to make the child autonomous, criticism and especially able to navigate responsibly on the canvas without fear, to get him to expand his business, to bring it to not focus only on the internet, on TV and video games … as entertainment. It presents the child to other occupations like to discover, enjoy and choose a sport or other entertainment contributing to its well-being. This project aims as well to enjoy the benefits of media child, he does not demonize.

The media are the tools in our society, but however, we must consider all the risks they pose to children if education is omitted or is not stressed.

B.E.E.M The plan aims to reiterate the media education by educating new parents and children. Repetition is the mother of science, they say, the project is also for those already warned of the possible risks of the media.

This project aims to bring some solutions to the various problems in our society and especially wants to contribute to the development of the child, the family point of view, school and community.

Therefore, the non-profit association The Young Computer School, acronym YCS also educates children in the school environment.